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Dead Sea Minerals

The Dead Sea contains about 45,000 million tons of salt. The salt is rich in minerals. The Dead Sea contains twenty-six minerals. Twelve of those twenty-six don't exist in any other water-body in the world. Some of these minerals are known for having special properties such as providing relaxation, deep-cleansing the skin, increasing blood circulation and easing skin and rheumatic conditions.

Only four percent of body weight is minerals. Even so, they're of vital importance, affecting cell functioning. They also affect bone building, production of blood, activation of hormones and much more.

Like vitamins minerals aren't produced by the body and the body therefore depends on an external supply of minerals. Mineral deficiency can upset skin cell activity, lead to inflammation, dryness of the skin and premature aging.

Minerals found in the Dead Sea

Calcium is the main component of the skeleton making it an important mineral for the body. It strengthens cell membranes and cleans pores. A vital mineral for healthy teeth and bones and regulation of heart muscles and nerves.

Zinc contributes to the self-repair of the body. It also helps the renewal of cells and combats free radicals as well as helping in the recovery of damaged tissue.

Magnesium is found in the Dead Sea in concentrations of up to fifteen times the amount in other seas. It is necessary in the process of cell metabolism. It causes skin cells to ripen in psoriasis patients. It also works as an anti-allergic agent.

Potassium helps in the process of oxidation. It also regulates the muscles' electrical processes and the nervous system. The inhalation of the salt vapors of Potassium is excellent for Asthma sufferers.

Sulfur helps build cells and plays an essential role in the absorption process of vitamins in the body. It kills bacteria, cleans the blood and detoxifies the liver. It contributes greatly to the cell renewal process. Its presence is essential for the production of collagen which creates smooth and soft skin.

Phosphorus is used by living cells to produce energy. It assists in the production of protein, making it an essential agent in the creation of new cells.

Sodium prevents fluid loss, removes skin scales and improves the skin's permeability.

Lithium acts as a mood stabilizer and antidepressant. It also relieves skin diseases.

Boron is required by the body in minimum quantities. The skeletal system is maintained and strengthened by it, especially in old age. It also helps channel hormone functions in the skin.

Bromine is up to seventy-five percent more concentrated in the Dead Sea than in other waters. It helps calm the central nervous system as well as relieving stress in the skin.

Stronium increases bone density and effectively prevents itchiness, reduces skin irritation and inflammation.

Manganese plays a key role in oxygen production. It also participates in the production of amino acids which in turn lead to the formation of healthy skin.

Popular brands that use dead sea minerals are: Ahava, Premier, Healty & Beauty, Ein Gedi.

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